we sign it - Petition for the immediate release of  Jabeur Mejri

Petition for the immediate release of Jabeur Mejri

This petition is to request the  immediate release of Jabeur Mejri, the first politics prisoner since the Revolution of Tunisia who's undergoing a judicial determination since more than two years.

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Jabeur Mejri, the first prisoner of conscience in Tunisia after the revolution, was sentenced to seven years in prison for a crime of opinion.

After spending two years in prison for peacefully expressing his opinion, Jabeur Mejri was released from his sentence on March 4, 2014, but was could no longer move freely in the country. Recall that Jabeur Mejri received a special presidential pardon that was repeatedly promised to him, but always delayed.


Judicial Harassment

Upon his release, the police dug up an obscure embezzlement case and brought charges against Mejri. They held him in detention until the date of the hearing, keeping him in bars for another four months. He was then sentenced to another eight months in prison at his second trial.

Mejri’s lawyers appealed to the judge to have the sentence reduced since he already served half his sentence while waiting for the trial; but the appeal was denied.

Still in prison, Mejri’s life is at risk. He has received death threats from other prisoners simply because he is an atheist. The Prison Director has confirmed the credibility of these threats and agreed to transfer him to another cell for his protection.

The judicial harassment against Jabeur Mejri is anachronistic and completely at odds with the values set forth in the new constitution.

The Committee to Support Jabeur Mejri is calling on civil society, NGOs, and all advocates for human rights and the right to the Freedom of Expression to support our request for the release his release. We call on everyone to mobilize to end the judicial harassment of this young Tunisian whose only crime is have believed in, and who continues to believe in, Freedom and Democracy.

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